Why Othot?

Our cloud-based platform enables you to discover powerful insights from your data, delivered in a useful visual format.

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Everyone is looking for answers. We’re looking for questions.

Othot identifies the key strategic questions, called High Impact Questions™ (HIQs™) that matter most to your education institution. Rather than providing another data analysis tool, we start with the end question in mind, and build a predictive analytics solution around that specific question.

We integrate multiple data sources

Analyzing your internal data provides historical perspective about students and their behaviors, but has limited predictive value. Othot’s platform is able to integrate your existing data with multiple external data sources, in one location, and process them so you can use the information to examine likelihoods and explore what-if options. This proprietary approach produces predictive intelligence that offers a more comprehensive solution than other analytic programs.

Data Sources

Data Sources

Internal data
Public data
Hard-to-find data
Unstructured data
Proprietary data


predictive engines


Delivers overall likelihood to occur scores
in an actionable format

Delivers overall what-if analyses
to guide decision making

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why othot

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