A Guide for Higher Education:
AI and Student Success

Artificial Intelligence and Higher Education

Artificial Intelligence and Student Success

Help every student stay on track

Student success is a complex subject. How we define it, how we measure it, and most important it, how we achieve it, has influenced the way educators, policy makers and advocates to approach student success.

And because every student’s experience is unique to the individual student, from their education goals to the barriers they encounter when trying to achieve them, the one size fits all approach is no longer effective.

AI-enabled solutions can help.

AI provides a new way to process, understand, and act on the very complex variables that contribute to student success. AI has the potential to turn student success tactics into personal and powerful interventions—ones that reach each students where they are to make immediate and lasting impacts.

This white paper is a guide for higher ed institutions that want to find a better way forward for student success. You’ll learn:

  • Why AI is important for student success interventions
  • What are the three types of AI that are critical to student success
  • How AI can support student success outcomes at your institution
  • What types of data you need to collect and how much you need to get started