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February 21, 2019 @2PM EST

Getting started with Othot

On the third Thursday of each month, an Othot advisor will give a high-level overview of the software and show how our customers use it to meet their enrollment goals.

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On-Demand Webinars

Sharpen your recruitment strategy with advanced analytics

Learn how Texas Tech University remains competitive by using data and advanced analytics to identify and recruit best-fit students.

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Use advanced analytics to plan, budget and allocate financial aid

Discover how NJIT is using advanced analytics to help find the optimal interactions and aid offers for each individual student.

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Solve critical enrollment issues with advanced analytics

Learn how higher education institutions are using advanced analytics to boost enrollment, shape their classes and allocate financial aid.

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First Look: Sensitivity Analysis

Othot's new tool can help you identify the best way to engage with and market to your prospects and determine the "right" financial aid award.

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Six questions to ask before investing in a predictive analytics solution

Are you confused by all of the predictive modeling options? Find out out what you should look for when evaluating a predictive analytics product.

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