Many of our partners have told us that to meet all of their enrollment objectives, they need to make tough decisions on which students to admit. Who they admit ultimately determines not only enrollment totals, but also the shape of their class and the financial stability of the institution.

In response to the immense pressure that comes with these admission decisions, Othot partners now have access to Phase Change What-If, an enhancement in our prescriptive analytics platform that will make those tough decisions easier.

Phase Change What–if makes it possible for you and your team to see if you’ve admitted enough students to meet your goals and to adjust your plan if you won’t.

An Example of How Phase Change What-If Works for Higher Ed Admissions

As higher education institutions evaluate applications, students who meet the preestablished admission criteria are admitted and students who do not are denied admission. Then, there is the “murky middle.” That group of students may not clearly meet all of the set admission criteria. With this group, schools may request additional information or take a second read of the application.

Phase Change What-if can help you evaluate the “murky middle.” It helps answer questions like:

“Which students in this group are most likely to enroll?”

“What will happen to overall academic quality if I admit this group from the murky middle?

“Will I stay on budget?”

Phase Change What-If allows you to predict the outcome if any given applicant were to be admitted. When combined with Othot’s additional prescriptive functionality to determine the optimal financial aid package and engagement tactics, you and your team will have the information you need to evaluate students for admission (without admitting them) and meet your goals.

At Othot, we’re committed to continuous improvement by working with our partners to enhance our Platform. It’s that combination that sets our predictive and prescription analytics platform apart from other solutions on the market.

If you have any questions about Phase Change What-if or the 3.1 Release, please contact us at or 412-458-4167.