I’m excited for my first opportunity to share my thoughts and views on Othot’s Customer Success. I’m planning to write for the blog a few times a year, and my goal for this post is to provide an overview or “foundation” of Customer Success at Othot.

A couple of months ago, I joined Othot to lead the Customer Success organization. With any new endeavor, you do your research beforehand, but you still discover many things once you are fully immersed. You never know what you’re going to find, but I was fortunate because I discovered something great: customer centricity is widespread throughout Othot.

While I get to have all the fun and work on the front line with our customers, everyone at Othot is committed to providing the best customer experience:

  • Othot’s Sales and Marketing team initiates the customer experience and communicates customer expectations,
  • Othot’s Data Curation team strives for painless data mapping and ensures data accuracy to deliver a high level of quality for our customer models,
  • Othot’s Data Science team develops models and provides insights that drive the ultimate value for our customers,
  • Othot’s Product team leverages customer feedback to develop new features to improve platform interaction, and
  • Othot’s Customer Success team fosters the customer experience to ensure customer value and goals are achieved.

Having a customer centric approach ingrained in our culture makes for a great foundation. But rest assured, we are pushing the envelope to continuously provide an insightful and valuable customer journey.

Over my next few posts, I will provide more detail about our following areas of focus:

  • Onboarding and expediting time to value,
  • Strategic engagement to evolve with your lifecycle,
  • Importance of real time data and the competence to deliver it,
  • Platform insight best practices, and
  • Vision for customer support, training, and collaboration.

I’m excited to expand on everything we are working on, but alas I’ll wait until next time. If you have any question about Customer Success at Othot, please contact me at zjvarga@othot.com.