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Claire is a former intern.

In the Spirit of Startups

By |2018-12-08T08:22:29-05:00December 13, 2015|

Perhaps it's the just the Christmas season that has me in a thoughtful mood, or that the annual Othot holiday party was this afternoon, or both, but for this week's [...]

And the Oscar Goes To… Big Data

By |2015-02-21T12:39:03-05:00February 21, 2015|

The 87th Academy Awards are this weekend, and while we will certainly see A-list actresses and actors, renowned directors, screenwriters, and producers in their most glamorous garb, there is one [...]

Big Data, Ad Infinitum

By |2014-12-09T17:30:37-05:00December 9, 2014|

History continues to teach us that regardless of the advances we make with science, technology and society new buzzwords, trendy technologies and “hip” ideas are continuously emerging. However, predicting the [...]

Laplace’s Demon

By |2014-11-21T05:17:41-05:00November 21, 2014|

Pierre-Simon Laplace, an 18th-19th century French scientist, was an instrumental character in history of mathematical astronomy and statistics. Laplace, in a sense, picked up where Sir Isaac Newton left off—Newton’s [...]