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Move from data to insights

Uncover rich knowledge so you make
informed decisions and reach your goals
in admissions, retention, and beyond graduation

What is the likelihood that a student will be retained?

What is the likelihood that a student will graduate?

Uncover insights that enable you to support the right student at the right time, so you improve student retention and facilitate successful graduate outcomes.


Identify at-risk Students

Titan™ helps organizations understand the likelihood of student retention, providing private and independent schools with the intelligence needed to engage and keep current students. Titan™ analytics produces likelihood scores at the individual student level focusing on the key strategic questions: What is the likelihood that a student will be retained? And, what is the likelihood that a student will graduate?

Titan™ applies advanced algorithms to your school’s historical retention and graduation data while augmenting your data with key external datasets to better understand factors impacting student success.

Othot’s analytics engines output insightful, easy-to-comprehend score reports that predict the likelihood that an individual student will attend your school through graduation. This valuable information enables you to build strategies that will support those students who are at risk of attrition.

Predicts the Likelihoods


Predicts which students are most likely to leave before they finish school and receive a diploma.

Provides the What-Ifs


Provides detailed insight so you can realize how to influence students to maximize engagement and retention

Benefits of using Othot for Independent Schools

Data-driven planning will enable you to make informed decisions, allowing you to connect with the right student to increase their chance of success at your school.

  • Target “at risk” students to intervene before they decide to leave your school
  • Anticipate churn rates for use in budgeting and planning
  • Access and run prescriptive scenarios in real-time on any device
  • Easily integrate results into your student information systems and CRM platforms
  • Identify data strategies to ensure that your students graduate
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