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To fully understand the market trends and your school’s position in the market, we start with a Market Assessment, examining your data at a granular level so that we can uncover analytics opportunities and important questions about your school’s future.

We have a rigorous procedure for preprocessing and analyzing your data

  • Cleaning up and organizing your data: removing redundant data and assign unique ID’s to prospective students
  • Identifying the Census Tract: utilizing the U.S. Census Bureau Geocoder and mapping prospects to census tracts
  • Calculating share: total and per grade levels, per census tract and zip code
  • Regression analysis: running regressions using census tract level data and aggregating census tracts to zip codes

Determining your Market Assessment

We consider numerous variables that are relevant to your school: demographic, geographic, socioeconomic, and many more. The variables are gained from a number of credible external sources in addition to your school’s current and historical data.

We examine these variables in increasing levels of granularity to fully understand your school’s potential. At each of these levels we analyze trends in enrollment, tuition, competition, and more as they apply to your private or independent school. From there we can we identify the why’s and what-ifs for your institution.

Our analysis follows this framework:

1 National Trends

2 Regional & Local Trends

3 Historical Trends for Your Institution

4 Your Market Share

5 Potential Market Share

The first step to a pivotal analytics strategy

The Market Assessment paints a complete understanding of your school’s current and potential standing in the education industry. The trove of valuable data available for private and independent schools provides numerous possibilities for analytics applications, from enrollment to donations.

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