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Move from data to insights

Uncover rich knowledge so you make
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What’s the likelihood that a family will enroll their child?

Discovering valuable insights early in the enrollment process allows you to better target the best-fit families and students, so you maximize your marketing and recruiting resources.

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Target the best-fit families and their student(s)

Calisto™ is a cloud-based solution that provides Independent K-12 schools with the intelligence needed to attract the right-fit families and students. Calisto™ applies predictive analytics at the family level, focusing on the key strategic question: What’s the likelihood that a family will enroll their child?

Calisto™ complements a school’s comprehensive marketing program by applying advanced analytics to its historical enrollment data and external data, including detailed demographic and socio-economic characteristics at the census level tract. Our analytics engines output understandable score reports that predict the likelihood that an individual prospective student and their family will choose to enroll in your school.

You can continually process new data, enabling you to discover the impact of various decision options instantly, so you can prioritize and focus your resources to reach the best-fit family and student. Results display in an understandable visual format, providing intelligent insight to use immediately in the enrollment process.

Predicts the Likelihoods


Predicts which students are most likely to attend and identifies the reasons why, such as cost, travel time or school district rankings

Provides the What-Ifs


Provides the detailed insight and what-if analysis to assist with winning the decision of the prospective families and students, allowing you to allocate additional resources to students where it will make the greatest impact

Benefits of using Othot for Independent Schools

Simplify volumes of relevant data early in the enrollment process so you’re able to make better decisions to connect with the right-fit family, and enroll their student for the best chance of student success.

  • Target students early in the enrollment process to increase your inquiry pool
  • Incorporate external data for enhanced segmenting of your prospective students
  • Access and run prescriptive scenarios in real-time on any device
  • Easily integrate results into your student information systems workflows
  • Identify data strategies so you can reach your educational enrollment goal
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