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Product Sneak Peek: Dashboards and Rewind

By |April 17, 2018|

In a couple of weeks, Othot will release its first software enhancements for 2018. We’ve included a number of new developments to help expand a higher education institution’s ability to assess its current cohort status and [...]

What is Important to Prospective Students?

By |April 3, 2018|

If you’re already familiar with Othot, then you know that we’re an advanced analytics company that provides higher education institutions with enrollment and retention solutions. Through machine learning, we develop predictive models that identify key influencers [...]

How Othot Accelerates Time to Value

By |March 19, 2018|

Time to value is a key differentiator in the marketplace. It’s not only important to receive the best product or service for your money, but also to gain value as quickly as possible after your purchase. [...]

Othot Customer Success: The Foundation

By |December 1, 2017|

I’m excited for my first opportunity to share my thoughts and views on Othot’s Customer Success. I’m planning to write for the blog a few times a year, and my goal for this post is to [...]