Othot recently launched Othot Talks Higher Ed, an interview series with thought leaders and experts from higher education. During episode 1, Fred Weiss, President & CEO of Othot, spoke to Casey Green, Founding Director of The Campus Computing Project, about COVID-19’s impact on higher ed.

The Campus Computing Project is the largest continuing study of the role of information technology in American higher education. It is a definitive source for data, information, and insight about key e-learning and IT issues affecting colleges and universities.

Green’s recommendation to higher ed institutions during the pandemic, “Don’t cut IT.”

Hear more on Green’s thoughts and recommendations for higher ed institutions as they face COVID-19 challenges:

Listen to the full interview with Casey Green on Othot Talks Higher Ed.

If you’d like to read more from Casey Green, his Digital Tweed blog is published by Inside Higher Ed.

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