The neo-modern movement toward using analytics as a force behind an organization’s strategic planning began earlier this century.  Tom Davenport began writing about this transformation around 2000 and his 2010 book, Analytics at Work, (with co-authors Jeanne Harris and Robert Morison) is a mainstay for managers who look to make better decisions and see better results by using analytics as a core decision making tool.  At the same time, with entrepreneurial veteran Jack Phillips, Tom founded the International Institute for Analytics (“IIA”).  Together, Jack and Tom have established the “go-to” organization for analytics thought leadership.

The IIA has established a vast network of analytics experts, academics and leaders at successful companies to guide its clients as they build and grow successful analytics programs.  Since its inception, IIA has worked with more than 200 organizations from around the world, sharing the keys to analytics maturity so that their clients gain an edge in an economy increasingly driven by data. Through in-depth research library, moderated phone calls, webinars and events, their clients get the guidance and expertise needed to compete on analytics and win.  You can read more about the IIA at

The website has many interesting sections and helpful information.  In particular, you will find the IIA’s Top 10 Predictions for 2015 insightful.  This briefing identifies the major trends in analytics that will have significant impact on organizations, the analytics industry, and analytics professionals in the coming year.

This is an exciting time for analytics – and especially predictive analytics.  This century’s winning organizations will use the vast volumes of data and the tools that are available to manage this data to better serve their customers, create new growth opportunities and optimize the performance of their operations.  The business cases already exist (read Analytics at Work!) and yet we are just scratching the surface of data science’s potential in the business world.  I find IIA a great way to feed my need to know what the leaders are doing and OThot takes advantage of the IIA’s thought leadership to help its customers.