Time to value is a key differentiator in the marketplace. It’s not only important to receive the best product or service for your money, but also to gain value as quickly as possible after your purchase. And let’s not forget, the initial delivery still needs to be high quality. At Othot, we deliver on both of these objectives. We provide high quality predictive and prescriptive modeling in an expeditious manner for our customers to gain immediate value.

Othot follows a methodical process to support our customers during the onboarding process. We collaborate with our customers to:

  1. Determine customer variables and collect customer data for model training and predicting
  2. Review and configure the customer data for ingestion into the Othot data science models, while also appending Othot’s third party data sources
  3. Build and test high performing models by lifecycle phase and for key populations as required
  4. Validate model results and provide key initial training and support for customers

Our commitment is to deliver on these actions in 45 days. However, 45 days can still be too long to see the required value, especially during critical times of the year. Othot’s Customer Success team can expedite the onboarding process by:

  • Focusing the data collection around a narrow and more impactful subset of customer variables
  • Developing only relevant models given the customer’s time of year needs (e.g. targeting models for later enrollment lifecycle stages)
  • Conducting initial user training in parallel to model development with Othot’s demonstration data
  • When these elements are in place, customer onboarding takes closer to 30 days, which is a true testament to the power of collaboration.

The main goal is to deliver a high quality model through our platform to help answer your immediate questions. But it is important to remember our engagement doesn’t stop after the initial model delivery. Our customers are on a journey with us and throughout this journey, we continue to add new variables and update your models to help answer all of your questions throughout the year.

If you’re still working to meet your enrollment goals for the current year or you’re already thinking about how to improve your strategy over the summer months, Othot will help by meeting your time to value needs. For a more detailed discussion specific to your institutional goals, please reach out to me at zjvarga@othot..