While Othot is a software company, we don’t simply implement our solution and “wish you luck.” We partner with our customers to ensure that they realize significant value from the platform in the first few weeks and then over the long-term because making an investment in an advanced analytics solution requires people, time and budget resources.

That consultative mindset emanates from my days at Deloitte. When customers wanted to make a large investment into software or technology, we’d take a step back, assess their strengths and weaknesses and establish benchmarks in order to measure progress and value gains.

That’s one of the reasons that Othot has created a Data + Analytics Maturity Assessment – to build that benchmark.

Where are you in your advanced analytics journey?

Some higher education institutions are using advanced analytics to drive decisions and inform strategy throughout the student lifecycle. As a result, these schools are creating distinct competitive advantages. For these institutions, the deployment of data-driven decision making and advanced analytics are being integrated to their day-to-day operations.

However, some schools are at the beginning of their advanced analytics journey. They are using analytics on a basic level, usually to describe and report on what’s already happened and why it happened.

For all schools, the Data + Analytics Maturity Assessment can serve as a benchmarking tool and guide along the advanced analytics journey. It’s a framework to understand and evaluate where they currently stand, where they’ve been and what can be next on the roadmap.

The survey asks higher education institutions to assess their data and analytics capabilities against five dimensions: high impact questions; data; leadership; technology/ solutions; and skill sets. These are the essential components that allow an institution to derive value from data and advanced analytics.

The assessment is for everyone, whether you’re just starting out or further along the analytics journey, and it takes less than 15 minutes to complete. In return, we’ll provide you a scorecard and some recommendations and best practices for data and analytics once enough survey responses have been received to conduct the analysis.

If you work with Othot, the results from the assessment will serve as the basis for ongoing benchmarking. It’s a tangible way for our customers to measure progress along the analytics journey.